The CAP Security Services Team

Our Team

  • Dale Hall
    Managing Director & Owner

    Dale Hall has over two decades of extensive experience in the security industry and in business management. Since his appointment in 1993, Dale has steered the company from a small-scale security business into one of the largest and most reputable security companies in Queensland.

    Dale is experienced in Workplace Health and Safety as well as barrier operations and evacuation procedures.

    Dale is a delegate for the Security Division of the Security Providers Act lead by the Office of Fair Trading and Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. As such, Dale takes part in regular discussions and forums, contributing his expert judgment on legislation being considered and introduced into the security industry.

    Dale is supported by a team of full time security and event management professionals in the areas of security operations, management of events and static sites, major event management and licensed venue management. This team is also skilled in the areas of building rosters and allocating staff, corporate HR, training and development.

  • Grahame Lloyd
    General Manager

    Grahame Lloyd has been in the role of General Manager for the past 15 years which sees him responsible for the day-to-day running of the CAP Security Services’ office and internal operations as well as managing several client accounts.

    Grahame has over 25 years operational management experience, overseeing and supervising event security operations.

    Grahame is the Security Operations Manager for all major indoor and outdoor events and festivals currently contracted to CAP Security Services.

    Grahame has hands on experience in the area of crowd control and management and can offer a wealth of knowledge to clients on matters relating to security event planning and operational procedures.

  • Hayley Morgan
    Operations Manager

    Hayley Morgan is the Operations Manager for CAP Security Services. Prior to this, Haley was responsible for the management of the Human Resource Department.

    Hayley is based at our Townsville office and overseas all of our North Queensland Operations.

    Prior to joining CAP Security Services, Hayley had attained several years experience in the travel and event industry and has had training in both Human Resources and Event Management.

  • Nathanael Holbeck
    Event Manager

    Nathanael Holbeck is the Event Manager and is responsible for running several of our sporting stadiums including The Gabba, QSAC and Sleemans

    Nathanael is also responsible for looking after the 24/7 security requirements for these Stadiums.

    Prior to joining CAP Security Services, Nathanael has over 20 years practical security experience and has worked extensively within the private security and management sectors. Nathanael has a diverse background ranging from roles of Risk Management and Workplace Heath and Safety to an Operations Manager within the University of Queensland. Nathanael comes to CAP Security Services after working a decade within the University sector..

  • Alex Butcher
    Static Division Manager

    Alex Butcher is the Static Division Manager at CAP Security Services and is responsible for coordinating our Static Division.

    Alex has been with CAP Security Services for several years and has progressed through many developmental roles throughout the organisation.
    Alex is also a big part of the day to day running of the Event’s Division and works closely with Nathanael Holbeck to ensure a top level of service is always provided to our Clients.

    Prior to joining CAP Security Services, Alex was employed in the mining industry in a Site Administration role.

  • Shae Roberts
    Venue Division Manager

    Shae Roberts is the Venue Division Manager and is responsible for coordinating our Licensed Venue Division, managing client and staff relations across numerous venues from coast to coast. Shae is new to the security industry but comes from an extensive background in retail management, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge in client services and customer relations.

    Shae has been an active employee of CAP Security Services since 2017, she is excited to inherit this role and develop the licensed venue division further whilst building a close relationship with our clients and staff.

  • Hanneke Thyssen
    Human Resources Administrator

    Hanneke Thyssen is the Human Resources Administrator and is responsible for recruitment and compliance at CAP Security Services.

    Hanneke also supervises our administration team to ensure CAP delivers great customer service to our employees and clients. Hanneke is new to the security industry, but has a wealth of management experience in the retail and hospitality sector, working in recruitment and training for several years. She looks forward to the new challenges that this role brings.

  • Cassandra Filetti
    Finance Manager

    Cassandra Filetti is the Finance Manager for CAP Security Services and is responsible for managing all finances and day-to-day financial operational matters.

    Cassandra has been with CAP Security Services for 8 years and was previously the Finance Administration Assistant. Cassandra has held her security licence for the past 8 years and has worked within events and licenced venues within the industry. She uses this industry knowledge on a daily basis in her role.