CAP Security Reinforces Great Workplace Values

August 5, 2016

On Monday 1, August an interesting report aired on ABC’s 7:30 Report that involves United Voice, a Worker’s Union which serves a range of service industries and roles.

If you missed the report, you can still view it here:

According to the workers interviewed, there appears to be concern that the Union itself – the very body that represents and promotes workers’ rights – was not following the principles they preach.

Pat McGrath, reporter for the ABC, interviewed a number of United Voice staff who raised concerns over bullying and mistreatment within its own ranks, and they highlighted concerns of having a reduced ability to negotiate fairly with their employer, a union which represents some of the country’s most disadvantaged workers.

At CAP Security, we always aim to be upfront, clear and collaborative with our workers when determining important employment standards such as workplace health and safety policies, wage structures, job roles and descriptions. Our success is determined by the quality of employees that we have and we seek to continually build on that success by ensuring that we treat our employees with respect, and provide them with information.

By working closely with our employees and advisors, we ensure all employees are covered by a legally compliant collective agreement, that very clearly and fairly states all the terms and conditions of employment at CAP Security. We have always promoted the idea, that if our employees have any issue or would like further clarification on any term or condition within their employment agreement, that they should contact us for a confidential discussion, so that we may fairly resolve the matter.

Importantly, CAP Security does not – and will never – tolerate bullying of any kind in our workforce. If you have seen or been subjected to bullying from anyone within the organisation, or from people who you consider are associated with your work in any way, then please contact us for a confidential discussion. It is incredibly important to us not just to protect you physically, but also to ensure that we can promote a healthy, happy workplace free of bullying and harassment.

Please visit to contact us, or call (07) 3892 7777, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.