Conflict Resolution Tactics Every Fan Should Know

February 1, 2018

With 25 years of experience under our belt, CAP Security Services has provided tailored solutions for some of the largest venues across Queensland. As experts in patron security, it’s our job to make sure excited fans have a safe and enjoyable time at their favourite events.

We truly believe that Australia has some of the best fans in the world. The joy our fans feel from watching their beloved teams and music artists is infectious and provides us with some incredible experiences. However, we also know that Aussies are a passionate crowd and tension can arise from a number of situations. While light-hearted banter and healthy competition are great, some passionate fans can overstep the mark. Conflict resolution is an important skill we teach to our staff and encourage fans to practice safe habits in regards to those around them. Check out the three tactics below that can help you navigate conflict at events.

Australian Cricket fans showing support for the Aussies.
Australian Cricket fans showing support for the Aussies.

Have a Laugh

Given our sub-tropical weather, event-goers are bound to experience soaring temperatures, delays and discomfort, all of which present danger for dehydration, agitation and subsequently conflict amongst crowds. However, by tuning into one of our greatest traits as Aussies, we can ‘have a laugh’ with the person beside us – something as simple as a cheeky joke or light conversation with surrounding patrons on a related topic about the event. Everyone has been in unfavourable circumstances that can wear our patience thin, but a light-hearted joke will go a lot further than complaining or arguing.


It’s important to keep in mind that one in four Australian residents are born outside Australia making our nation quite culturally diverse. Therefore, a sensitive, apologetic posture is far more appropriate towards others than a stern, insensitive one. Anyone who has been subject to antagonising behaviour will have learned this lesson quickly. This sentiment goes both ways. Why spoil a great event because of a person you will most likely never see again? Don’t let another person dictate your experience. If necessary, approach your nearest CAP Security Services guard who will kindly assist you.

CAP Security Crowd Control Team at the State of Origin
CAP Security Crowd Control Team at the State of Origin

Know When to Find Help

More often than not, our culture involves a bit of banter tolerance, but on occasion, it escalates to a dispute between two people. Do not engage in the fight. Other patrons can add fuel to the fire and make the situation harder to manage. In light of how quickly a squabble can turn into a brawl, we ask that you immediately call for the help of a CAP Security Services guard or police officer. As a bystander, you can help by discouraging others, including friends and family from becoming involved. The fewer people involved, the easier it is for us to defuse the fight, and we can all return to enjoying the event.

Next time you’re at an event, keep these things in mind so you can assist us in creating the right culture, where violent and abusive behaviour is eradicated for all spectators.

CAP Security provides security consultations to its partners to identify potential points of conflict and a tailored resolution plan that can be applied with respects to the following: 

  • Venue Characteristics
  • Event Characteristics
  • Staff Characteristics

Our staff are well trained in diffusion techniques and our thorough courses help us maintain accreditation by the Queensland Government. Furthermore, event staff engage in continuous training to stay up to date with industry standards.
Australian Cricket fans showing support for the Aussies at the SCG.

As always, if you’re on the hunt for a trusted security and crowd control team to attend your next event, or safeguard your business or venue, let CAP Security Services ensure the highest quality service.       

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