Digital ID’s and the Future of Identity Verification

June 5, 2019


Digital ID’s

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, governments and security must adapt quickly. The introduction of digital membership cards and Apple Pay saw the beginning of our wallets going digital, with the next step being digital identification.

Originally created to be used as a way to prove a person’s online identity to better access government services, there is no doubt that digital ID will be the future of personal identification. Digital licenses have been rolled out by New South Wales and South Australia with other states soon to follow suit.

This topic is particularly important within the security industry as identity verification is a key part of our job when servicing our venues. Over the past few years, the government has been working on a way to maintain the security and privacy of an individual’s identification on a digital platform whilst still being able to confirm their identity.

Many states now allow the use of Australia Post’s Digital iD as a valid form of identification, this will change how security guards check a patron’s identification. The new Digital ID’s will operate through providing a unique Quick Response (QR) code that can be scanned by liquor venues through the Australia Post’s Digital iD™ smartphone app or third party ID scanner. An on-screen animation prevents the replication of the digital Keypass on unapproved apps or devices. Keypass in Digital iD™ is accepted as proof of age to enter participating licensed venues and to purchase alcohol in Vic, Tas, Qld and NT (excluding takeaway alcohol in NT) and on trial in selected venues in the Civic region of ACT.

In New South Wales, the digital licenses will also have increased features to prevent the occurrence of fraud, including an illuminated hologram logo. Proof of age cards will have a refreshable barcode. This aims to make them more secure than a traditional license or proof of age card, using the same encryption that banks use to keep information secure.

In Queensland, the government is working to create its own digital wallet with the benefits of security, control, convenience and the addition of real-time information. They anticipate a pilot program to be available in late 2019.

As each state modernises at their own rate, it is essential that security services stay abreast of all industry trends, laws, rules and regulations. Security guards must understand how states’ identification policies differ, and that digital ID’s from other states may not work when trying to enter a venue in Queensland.

If obtaining a form of digital identification is important to you, check out the Digital iD website or your state’s license information page for the latest information.

As always, our team is up to date on acceptable identification forms for the events and venues we service. As new forms of ID rollout across the country, you can count on our ability to know and understand these changes.

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