5 Reasons to Hire Event Security for This Year’s Christmas Party

October 19, 2016

The festive season is fast approaching, and no doubt we’ll see Christmas party invitations dropping in our mail boxes (both real and online) very soon. A successful and enjoyable celebration requires a huge amount of planning and organisation – from the venue and guest list, to decorating and catering, there’s a lot to coordinate!

While venue and catering arrangements are essential, you can’t neglect security provisions for your event. Even a simple private party can be spoilt by a few gatecrashers, so protect your guests and ensure that your event runs smoothly by employing the services of a professional security company. Whether it be a work Christmas party, or a private end of year celebration, Queensland Police recommend determining the level of security your event may require during the planning process.

Here are five key benefits of hiring event security:

  • Controlled Guest List

We understand the huge amount of effort involved in building a guest list. By hiring security guards, you can transfer your control over who attends your event. Having private security at the entrance/exit of your function will ensure that only those who are authorised to enter (those personally invited) can do so. This will also save you from having to remain at the entrance of the event while guests are inside, leaving you with more time to mingle with your guests. Furthermore, a controlled guest list will prevent holding up guests from entering, ensuring an efficient entry process.  

Security guards can also keep a record of those admitted to the event. If something unexpected should occur, staff and hosts can easily refer back to the guest list.

  • Deterrence

Queensland police highlight the need to ensure that security at your event is visible. Not only will visible security discourage any potential uninvited guests or gatecrashers, but it will also help to maintain, and encourage, a higher standard of behaviour for your guests.

  • Situation Management

As a host, or event planner, you’ll want to spend your time enjoying the event that you’ve organised. Security professionals at your event will reduce the need for you to keep a close watch on the occurrences during the event, giving you more time to enjoy the company of your guests! Employing security staff means that you can leave the monitoring to the professionals. Security guards can observe guests, and the venue, while communicating with each other. This can drastically reduce the likelihood of an unsafe situation arising.   

  • Responsive Team for Problem Resolution

Hiring event security will mean that you have a solid support team should a problematic situation arise. Security professionals are trained to use fast decision-making skills and react quickly, but still logically and practically, in any given situation. Rather than having to wait for police assistance, private security personnel can immediately react to any unsavoury guest behaviour. And, whilst they do not have the same power as police, security personnel are legally entitled to exert reasonable force if individuals refuse to leave private premises, or detain individuals while waiting for police.

  • Facilitate an Enjoyable and Safe Event

When reviewing the aforementioned benefits of hiring event security, there’s one key theme that emerges – the aim of all security professionals is to ensure the safety of individuals, so that you, as the event planner or host, are free to enjoy your event. Failing to facilitate a safe party can have some serious consequences, so it’s important to have security professionals on your side to help alleviate the potential of any problematic situation arising.  


We understand the huge amount of effort that goes into organising a fantastic end of year celebration but don’t neglect the need for professional security assistance so you can enjoy peace of mind at the event.

CAP Security Services have had the opportunity to provide security services across a range of events, functions and private gatherings- from huge stadium sporting and music events, to small exclusive functions. As a result of many years experience, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of how best to determine the specific security solutions that an event will require, and have seen first-hand how an event, and it’s organisers, can benefit from employing private security personnel.

CAP Security Service security personnel will take care of all security related issues and leave the hosting and entertaining up to you. Contact us today to see how we can help you devise a security solution for your upcoming end of year celebration.

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