How To Get a Job In Security In Australia

January 22, 2020

Are you honest, alert, and a great communicator? Are you confident managing people, and want a job that is rewarding as well as consistently stimulating? If you meet these criteria, you may find that a career in the security industry is what you’ve been looking for. It’s an increasingly critical industry to many businesses and communities in Australia so you won’t have any trouble finding work if you’re committed to meeting the job requirements. You’ve likely met countless security officers at venues, events and worksites before, but never actually knew how to get a job in security!

Where do I start?

Different security jobs will require different training and upskilling, but becoming a security guard in Australia is pretty straightforward if you’re committed and prepared to put in the time. Licencing in the security industry is usually controlled by either the state police or by Departments of Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs so to apply for a security licence, you’ll need to contact the appropriate regulator in your state and follow the correct procedure. The regulatory body in Qld is the Office of Fair Trading. And ahem, don’t bother applying if you’ve committed a disqualifying offence in the past, or haven’t completed an approved training course with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 

Step 1: A Security Training Course

The most accessible role in the security industry is that of a Crowd Controller – their role is to keep order in a public place such as Sporting Stadiums, Hotels, Functions or Major Events.

In Queensland, you will need to complete a Certificate II in Security Operations, the details of which were updated in January 2020, with new requirements laid out on the Queensland Government website. To upskill and obtain further licences (monitoring security officer, or dog patrol security officer), you will need to complete all, or modules of, a Certificate III in Security Operations. If you’re considering working as an armed guard you’ll also need to obtain a Weapons Licence

There are fees associated with obtaining your Certificates, which varies between RTO’s. You can use the My Skills website to find an eligible training provider.

Step 2. First Aid Training

If you don’t already have a first aid training certificate, it is important to receive this training prior to starting work as a security guard. Illness and injury can strike at any time. Events such as concerts and festivals with mosh pits, combined with factors such as hot weather and alcohol consumption, can result in a greater need for First Aid, and our team must be prepared to handle any crowd and venue. We look after a high volume of patrons at every event, and it’s vital for each member of the CAP Security Services team to feel confident in carrying out First Aid.

Your security training provider might include this in your course list, otherwise, you can find First Aid training providers in many places. St John’s Ambulance Service provides first aid training in Queensland, or other first-aid courses may be available at other institutions depending on your location. 

Step 3: Optional Upskilling

Many security guards will upskill themselves for more employment opportunities, such as security risk management or bodyguard roles. The more qualifications and licences you possess, the more employable you will be. You may also look to undertake courses in criminal justice, conflict resolution or go on to pursue a career in the police force.

Many security guards also undertake martial arts classes such as Karate to learn self-defence techniques and diffusing methods. It’s important as a security guard to not only be able to protect those around you, but also yourself first and foremost. 

Step 4: Get Your Security Licence

You’re almost there, now it’s mostly just paperwork! Once your training is complete you need to lodge an application form to secure your licence. What licence you apply for will be based on where you plan to work, and what level of training you completed.

To be eligible for a licence in Queensland, you must be over 18, not pose a risk to public safety, pass the required training course, and have not been convicted of a disqualifying offence in the past 10 years. After lodging your application you’ll need to pass a criminal history check and undergo fingerprinting to confirm your identity. Processing time for your licence is typically 4-6 weeks.

Step 5: Get Hired!

Congratulations, you have a licence, now you just need a job. !If you want to stand out above your peers, you need to be seen as an honest and observant person with good common sense. Your employer needs to feel confident that you can be trusted. 

According to Seek, employers of security guards look for:

  • First aid certification
  • Security licence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Car licence
  • Communication skills

Shortlisted applicants, according to Seek’s data, have all shown:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Customer centricity
  • First aid certification
  • Security licence

Are you reliable and well presented? Do you have great communication skills? Are you able to work as part of a team or unsupervised? If you embody these skills and are interested in employment with CAP Security Services, we encourage you to have a read of our vacancies

Good luck in the pursuit of your new career, we hope to hear from you soon!

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