The Importance of First Aid-trained Security Teams

May 21, 2019


The primary job of our team is to protect the health and safety of all patrons at the venues we service. To ensure our staff is prepared for a range of situations they may encounter in the field, we provide and encourage extensive training – with First Aid as a compulsory course. We look after a high volume of patrons at every event, and it’s vital for each member of the CAP Security Services team to feel confident in carrying out First Aid.

Due to our strategic widespread placement, we’re usually the first on the line when a situation or injury occurs. First Aid means the initial assistance given to a person suffering from illness or injury. This time is crucial as proper care can result in faster recovery time and in extreme circumstances, lives saved.

First Aid follows a series of assessments called the DRSABCD Action Plan to identify how serious a patient’s illness or injuries are and how to care for them accordingly. It is usually carried out until an experienced healthcare professional, such as a paramedic or doctor, arrives on the scene.

At a recent event this year, an emergency medical situation did occur requiring one of our security guards to perform CPR on a female patron. His training and quick action during a highly-stressful circumstance allowed the patron to be successfully transported to the hospital where she made a full recovery.

Without adequate security assessing the area and a qualified First Aid practitioner, the ending of that tale could have been very different. It is essential that venues employ experienced security services, who are adept at handling a range of issues requiring First Aid training.

Our goal as an organisation is to ensure each of our team members has the confidence and preparedness to handle such a situation. We purposely provide a high level of training and support for our staff members so they can effectively do their job in an emergency.

Illness and injury can strike at any time. Events such as concerts and festivals with mosh pits, combined with factors such as hot weather and alcohol consumption, can result in a greater need for First Aid, and our team comes prepared to handle any crowd and venue.

If you or your team is interested in learning more about First Aid training, a variety of organisations offer accredited courses, such as St John’s Ambulance Australia, Royal Life Saving Australia and the Red Cross.

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