The Importance of Crowd Management Plans

August 1, 2019

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Queensland is known as a state that likes to celebrate. Festivals, performances and sporting events take place year-round in the Sunshine State as our weather and beautiful landscapes lend themselves well to outdoor activities. Each year, the Queensland government has seen an increasing number of applications for large-scale events as well as applications to increase capacities at annual events. As these kinds of events continue to grow, extra precautions must be taken to ensure crowd safety. Proper planning is vital to ensure adequate resources and staffing for these types of jobs. Our experienced team is prepared for increasing numbers at large-scale events and provides tailored crowd control plans for each event we service.

Crowd Management vs Crowd Control

After almost 30 years of experience in dealing with crowds of all sizes, we’ve learned a few things about planning and managing them. Firstly, let’s define crowd management and crowd control, as they mean different things. Crowd management refers to the facilitation, employment, and movement of crowds, while the crowd control refers to the actions taken once a crowd has begun to behave in a disorderly manner.

As one would assume, security teams aim to stay in the crowd management zone, although they must be prepared to implement crowd control measures at a moment’s notice. Security teams should anticipate many outcomes, as we deal with factors beyond our control consistently. However, usually, the key to staying in the crowd management zone is proper planning.

Our team creates detailed security plans for each event we service to ensure we account for every possibility of the day or night. When we add up and plan for these factors, it becomes an equation for success. Here are just some of the elements we consider:

  1. Seating arrangements
  2. Transportation
  3. Time of Day
  4. Parking availability 
  5. Weather conditions
  6. Demographics
  7. The crowd’s sociological behaviour
  8. Event size
  9. Food/Water availability
  10. Facilities available
  11. Alcohol Management

Within a crowd management plan, each of these factors should be adjusted appropriately based on the needs of the event and the potential crowd. For example, transportation and parking must be thoroughly planned. Will shuttles be going to the venue? Where will they depart from and what time? Will people be driving themselves? Is there going to be enough parking spaces available for the public at the event? When reviewing seating/standing arrangements, event managers need to also consider capacity, assembly, and assigned location to prevent stampedes and dangerous moshes


Another element of an effective crowd management plan is communication among the team. If a situation arises and is relayed immediately to staff, it can often be dealt with quickly and effectively. We rely heavily on our radios, signals and clear communication policies to ensure every security team member feels looped in, and we’re able to handle situations with ease. 

In summary, we believe thorough planning is the key to a successful and safe event of any scale. If event managers and security managers have proper crowd management and crowd control plans in place, events are much more likely to go smoothly with every patron enjoying their time. Our venues and contractors trust us to collaborate on these plans, and we set high expectations for ourselves and our staff. Throughout our 25 years in the business, we are known for thinking of the small details others miss and executing successful events year after year. 

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