The Importance of Safeguarding a Business

February 23, 2018

As Queensland’s leading security company, CAP Security Services provides solutions to numerous clients ranging from international recording artists to local businesses, large and small. Now more than ever before, securing businesses requires an arsenal of solutions to mitigate potential threats against people and property, as well as theft. Today’s suspects are educated and have access to numerous resources. Given the threat level outlined by the Australian National Security, the expertise of our personnel is a top priority.

Companies seek various security solutions such as property protection, expense minimisation, accident prevention and offence detection and prevention. As part of a well-devised security plan, many companies opt for static security. Static security officers can perform a vast array of tasks serving specialised purposes.

Learn more about the types of static security below and how they can play an important role in safeguarding your business.


Prior to any integration of a security team, companies are always advised to install CCTV cameras and erect signage of security monitoring around the property that would act as an automatic deterrent for perpetrators. Once a system is established, a static guard or team of guards can be utilised to intercept potential trespassers to vacate the premises prior to committing an offence, or risk legal action.

Unlawful shop entries in Queensland between 2015 and 2017.

If you’re seeking security because a trespasser has already committed theft or destruction of property, which has unfortunately been a rising occurrence in Queensland according to the Queensland Police, CAP Security Services can help you evaluate your businesses “weak points.” Often a CCTV monitoring system and a static security guard will be able to deter the vast majority of security issues. However, some cases will require a tailored protection and prevention strategy. The right security solution could ultimately be the difference in the recovery of stolen goods, prosecution of an offender, or most likely prevention altogether.

Shop Theft and Other Property Damage offences in Queensland between 2015 and 2017.


Access Monitoring and Control is another important facet of any security system. Being able to prevent unauthorised people (and potential unwanted trouble) from entering a site can have a huge impact on the outcome of an event, so it’s important that all access points are monitored. Corporations commonly elect to issue employees key cards that grant access as well as installing gates, however, adding an additional layer of security to your strategy provides your company with a unique opportunity. Seeing a person casting a watchful eye, especially in combination with a CCTV system, can play a major role in criminal deterrence.

Electing to monitor entry points with CAP Security Services guards trained in entry efficiency will make your business and employees feel that much safer. Gate security increases a company’s ability to minimise dangerous goods on premises, unauthorised vehicle access, as well as providing somewhat of a face to your firm. If a breach of entry is recorded, adjustments can be made and a list of previous offenders can be compiled, limiting access and continuous disturbances.

Licensed Traffic Controllers

To diversify protection and offer flexible solutions, CAP Security Services has an in-house division of Traffic Controllers. Venues, large businesses, and mining and construction companies operate in a variety of environments that require an adapted traffic control strategy aligning with the current legislation.

Traffic controller directing traffic.

Traffic controllers form an integral part of business protection when it comes to construction or events of scale. Companies can mitigate risks and safeguard their reputation through employing CAP Traffic Controllers. We ensure that our Traffic Controllers undertake the necessary training, so they are kept up to date with all relevant laws and standard practices regarding traffic control.

Static Security far exceeds the duties of someone who monitors from behind a desk. With a whole range of customisable services for ever-changing demands, our guards can fit seamlessly into your business plan and offer valuable protection from a range of threats.

We offer Security Consulting so we can start with a Risk Assessment of your business if you have any security concerns.

CAP Security Services currently services businesses in industries including construction, mining, education, retail, broadcast, finance, health services, leisure, entertainment and more.

As always, if you’re on the hunt for a trusted security and traffic control team to attend your next event, or safeguard your business or venue, call CAP Security Services on (07) 3275 7777 to ensure the highest quality service.


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