Keep your worksite safe

October 17, 2019

The construction and mining industries are large contributors to the Queensland economy. These businesses, like many others, need comprehensive security to protect themselves from various threats. Securable assets for these industries include worksites, workers, equipment, valuables and sensitive information. Equipment ranges from small tech devices, all the way through to cranes and large transport vehicles.

Some threats to sites are easily noticed; for example internal or external theft of resources and equipment. Other threats are harder to ascertain, but our team prepares for all risks. A recent threat on the rise includes activist groups vandalising mining or development sites.

At CAP Security Services, we can provide the right measures to keep your construction or mine worksite safe at all times. We implement tailored security solutions for every site, and we have 26 years of experience ensuring their protection.

1. Access Control

With card scanning technology, it simplifies the process of delegating who belongs where. Instead of having multiple keys for different areas, and the stress that comes along with keeping track of who has what key; access levels are all programmed into one place for staff. We have extensive training and experience in 24-hour worksite security and can provide the highest level of service in patrols and inspections to ensure that your worksite, products and resources are secure.

2. Control Room and CCTV Monitoring

Our team is trained to use a variety of security systems and can help manage control rooms. We ensure our team members are comfortable monitoring various equipment, including CCTV cameras and gate access points. CCTV monitoring is for more than just preventing theft, as these cameras can document everything from the cause of accidents to drops in production.

3. Tagging/RFID Equipment

Having both your resources and equipment tagged is a great way to minimise theft and track any loss of equipment. Active RFID tagging is often used at mining sites because it has a longer reading range for tracking equipment and assets. Tracking resources throughout the transport process delivers better outcomes.
While many threats can occur at your worksite, there are also several measures to reduce and/or prevent them from happening. The team at CAP Security Services offers more than just a presence to keep your worksite safe; we prevent incidents from occurring in your workplace while maintaining excellent customer service.

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