Maintaining the Mosh: Concert and Festival Security

April 1, 2019

Born from the hardcore punk and metal scenes of the 80s, mosh pits are now a staple at many music gigs across genres. Categorised by their rough nature which can involve dancers pushing each other, mosh pits evoke a mixed reaction by most concertgoers who are usually divided by their love or hate of ‘moshing’.   

At festivals and concerts, mosh pits can be expected. Excited fans weaving through crowds to get to the front to see their favourite band or artist are common at every freestanding show. However, it becomes dangerous when crowds become too rowdy, and people can get hurt, overheated and dehydrated.

Ensuring all concertgoers have an enjoyable and safe time is at the forefront of everything we do. While most people dance together safely, mosh pits that get out of hand need to be handled swiftly to minimise risk, injury or damage to people or property.  

Event Security Queensland

The CAP Security Services team regularly manages patron safety at a variety of our venues, from Suncorp Stadium and The Gabba to the Brisbane Showgrounds and Sirromet Wines. These large venues require expert attention to ensure all patrons can enjoy the music safely.

Outdoor venues and festivals present special challenges compared to indoor or enclosed events. While both involve live music and large crowds, most festivals have multiple stages, and therefore more potentially hazardous situations to keep an eye on. Festival-goers are at venues for longer periods of time, often during the day and exposed to the elements, increasing their risk for sunstroke, dehydration and exhaustion which is only exacerbated by dancing in a crowd.

To minimise risk, our security guards are stationed at every security gate and at every stage to manage the crowds. Our guards are positioned to ensure anyone who is struggling, overwhelmed or injured can instantly be removed from the area and attended to, whether that is just a break for some water or more serious first aid attention. This is one of our security guards most essential jobs, they are trained and prepared to be able to efficiently identify and respond to a person in need.

Fortunately, most concert and festival goers understand the importance of security around mosh pits. Many ‘unofficial’ guides to moshing stress the importance of respecting security guards due to the essential job we play in keeping everyone safe, so all attendees can continue to enjoy the music without fear of harm.

While the CAP Security Services team is prepared for any situation, we’re lucky to encounter supportive and positive crowd atmospheres at most events. Working with crowds that are passionate about enjoying live music makes our job much easier. When people help us identify individuals in need of assistance or help clear a path for us to help remove someone, it makes the event safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Here are four simple tips you can do while in a mosh pit to keep yourself and the people around you safe while having a great time.

  • Pick up anyone who falls. If someone near you falls or is pushed over, quickly help them up to ensure they are not injured.
  • Clear the way for anyone wanting to get out. Creating a clear exit path will help injured or anxious moshers get out quickly and safely.
  • Pass on water. Many times, security guards and event staff will pass out water cups from the gate.

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