Managing large-scale televised events

October 31, 2017

As leaders in the industry, CAP Security Services is always vigilant when servicing hyped up events where a myriad of media coverage means larger and rowdier crowds across numerous venues, not to mention extremely passionate supporters. Few events have been more hyped than the recent Mayweather v McGregor boxing match which attracted global media exposure and huge crowds at venues that televised it across the world, including Australia.


The combination of large crowds and passionate supporters unfortunately resulted in brawls and other violent behaviour surfacing that put the safety and well-being of patrons at risk, but fortunately not at our venues.

After almost 25 years in the industry, CAP Security Services is acutely aware of the need to have an adequate number of guards to cope with increased venue traffic at televised events. These guards are also experienced in dealing with crowd management, as well as situations where alcohol-fuelled violence can arise. Having attended hundreds of events of this nature, most recently the Pacquiao v Horn fight at Suncorp Stadium earlier this year, CAP Security Services is well aware of the dangers lurking with large riled up crowds, particularly when alcohol is involved.


Following the Mayweather v McGregor fight, news outlets around the country reported boxing fans had been taken to hospital with various injuries, including a stab wound to the neck, after a violent 30-man brawl broke out.  Reports also alleged “ugly scenes as chaos consumed the streets,” and security staff were stretched for numbers and at a loss for ways to control the rowdy crowd.

The combination of large numbers of people in confined spaces, in high (or deflated) spirits, and with alcohol flowing can be catastrophic, so it’s vital to have expert crowd control and security personnel on hand. The following are just a few of our core considerations when working with a high-profile, televised event across multiple venues.  

Risk Assessment

A comprehensive Risk Assessment is conducted by our senior management team, across the various venues we provide security for, before an event of similar proportions to the Mayweather v McGregor match. This process is a vital tool for security and crisis prevention. Our Risk Assessment established that huge public and media interest in the fight would lead to massive crowds and potentially unpredictable behaviour. We concluded that extra security personnel would be needed on the ground, as well as security personnel with specialised skills and trained in controlling crowds and managing alcohol-fueled violence if necessary.

Crowd Control

CAP Security Services ensure that all Crowd Control Officers are exposed to the highest level of training to prepare them for any circumstance. This rigorous and ongoing training, undertaken by all personnel, contributes to CAP Security Services’ ranking as Queensland’s premier security company.  Management staff also ensure that all venues are sufficiently staffed for expected numbers, including relief personnel on standby, and that all posts and perimetres are covered.  

Prepare for worst-case scenarios

Unfortunately fights and general drunkenness are an all-too common occurrence at venues which we are always prepared for, but we also have to be prepared for worst case situations. High profile, international events such as the Mayweather v McGregor boxing match require a strongly coordinated team and adequate ‘show of force’ in the event that large-scale or extremely violent behaviour breaks out that compromises the safety of patrons and innocent bystanders.  CAP Security Services crews are ready for any situation.

In executing our job, the primary priority for CAP Security Services is that patrons have a safe and enjoyable time and that our venues host a secure and successful event.  These measures ensure that a fun time can still be had by guests, and the venue can still enjoy a well-attended and profitable event.

If you’re on the hunt for a trusted security and crowd control team to attend your next event, or safeguard your venue, call CAP Security Services on (07) 3275 7777 to ensure the highest quality service with the lowest probability of injury. 



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