Our Philosophy

All CAP Security Services security guards and event personnel are selected based on their high level communication skills, presentation, professionalism, responsiveness and aptitude for dealing with difficult and uncomfortable situations.

All security guards and event personnel have undergone extensive training and can demonstrate a broad range of skills ranging from general guarding through to more specialised areas of security control. We have a strong commitment to ongoing team training, so you can be assured that you are being looked after by a qualified and experienced CAP Security Services security guard/events personnel at all times.

In addition to our staff employment and training philosophy, two of the core advantages of working with CAP Security Services is our flexibility and scalability. This enables us to adapt to the specific demands and requirements of each job and deliver the most effective outcome for the client.

Our CAP Security Services’ in-house briefing process covers the following security principles:

  • Effective policing of venue entrances and exits
  • Diligent proof of age checks
  • Discreet dress regulation enforcement
  • Liquor licensing
  • Traffic control
  • Constant fire exit and rest room checks
  • Protection of house and staff property
  • The discreet eviction of troublemakers
  • Recording of all incidents and appropriate measures undertaken
  • Effective operation of CCTV systems
  • Effective monitoring of communications