QAGOMA – Protecting a Brisbane cultural landmark

February 1, 2019



CAP Security Services has had the absolute delight of working with QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art) for the past 12 years to keep all pieces of artwork safe, as well as visitors and staff. Each year, many important local, national and international artworks are displayed for millions to enjoy. Currently, QAGOMA is hosting the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT9) which is a colourful and ambitious exhibition that has been delighting Brisbane’s gallery-goers since November last year.

Working at an establishment such as QAGOMA comes with its own unique challenges. As many of QAGOMA’s exhibitions involve freestanding installations, protecting them from being touched and bumped by excited guests is an important job we do not take lightly. Our role is to provide crowd control services at QAGOMA’s alcohol-licensed events, including openings, special events and functions. Our team monitors the crowds so that these events can run as smoothly as possible.

While most visitors to QAGOMA’s special events are there to relax and enjoy the art on display, our team is always on the lookout for potential hazards.


There are significant hazards to consider when providing our service at events with food and drink. Minimising the risk of artwork damage is the first priority, and we ensure that guests are respectful of their environment. This means consuming food and drinks with care. We also monitor the consumption of alcohol so that these events remain safe for all patrons and exhibits.

Solution: QAGOMA has rules set in place that apply to licensed events that our team adhere to when supervising visitors.


Bulky clothing items such as jackets, handbags and long umbrellas may seem insignificant, but they can damage artwork in the right (or wrong) circumstance. When carrying around these items amongst eager crowds, it’s easy for something to go wrong.

Solution: QAGOMA provides a cloakroom to keep guests’ items safe and secure during the event. If you are unsure about an item you have brought with you, check it into the cloakroom anyway – it is better to be safe than sorry: for yourself and the artwork.


Although rare, art heists do happen at museums and galleries around the world. They incur incredible costs and signal devastating loss to the art community. We are especially alert with the gallery’s freestanding pieces as some are not roped off and visitors can easily get close to them. In all of our experience at QAGOMA, we have never had an incident and our team work hard to protect all of the beautiful and creative pieces within the gallery.

Solution: Most QAGOMA exhibitions allow photos to be taken of the work. This is a great way for all guests to remember the pieces. Additionally, there is a gift shop within the gallery for guests to purchase prints and other memorabilia from the gallery.

Our team is proud to service QAGOMA, a cultural feast and landmark of Brisbane city. We hope to see you enjoying the APT9 exhibit with us before it ends on April 28th.

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