QRU Reds Excellence in Service Awards

November 20, 2014

CAP Security Services is proud to have been invited by Queensland Rugby Union, to be apart of their staff recognition program. This program has been designed by the QRU to recognise staff who have been ambassadors and peer examples for others of the Reds customer service behaviour standards, at their events. The aim behind this being to ‘redify’ not only the building but also the staff that work on these events, in order to heighten the event experience for patrons.

Below are some examples of the Reds Customer Service Standards –

  • Welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic
  • Well presented and takes pride in their personal appearance
  • An uncompromising focus on customer service
  • Adopt and promote the ‘Reds’ event experience
  • Knowledgeable not just of Reds current affairs but also QRU and the further role they play in the development of Rugby
  • Proactive and intuitive not reactionary

EDIT Reds Excellence Awards CAPThe two staff nominated by CAP Security Services, deserving of this recognition are; John McKillop and Marlise Sheehan-Meyer.

John has done an excellent job during The Reds 2014 season, directing the Traffic Controllers and making sure that both patrons and staff have a positive experience when dealing with the Traffic Team. John has worked at The Reds events at both Suncorp Stadium and Ballymore Stadium. He has been a loyal staff member and has been with CAP Security Services for the past 15 years – starting out as an Event staff member and then moving across to the traffic team once having gained qualifications as a Traffic Controller.

Marlise Sheehan-Meyer is the Gate D Supervisor and works every Reds home game. She upholds a strong customer service focus and receives ongoing positive feedback from both patrons and staff.

Marlise too, has worked at Reds events at both Ballymore and Suncorp Stadium and is a long term staff member having been with the company for the past 7 years. Marlise also started off as an Event Staff member, working at both Suncorp Stadium and Ballymore Stadium as an usher before gaining Crowd Controller accreditation and becoming a part of the Security Team. Since this time, Marlise has worked her way up, starting out as a Crowd Controller on the gates, to now running the gates at all major events and festivals.

We are extremely appreciative of Marlise and John for their contribution, not only at Reds events but in all situations in which they are representing CAP Security Services.