Festive Season or Break-In Season? Why Safeguarding Your Property is Even More Important Over the Holidays

December 21, 2018

Break-in Season

Safeguarding Your Property

It’s officially the holiday season which means festivities are kicking off! Last minute shopping trips, Christmas parties, Boxing Day family (and Test Cricket) gatherings and New Year’s Eve celebrations are all on the agenda for many Australians. It’s an exciting time for all, but unfortunately, this season also presents opportunities for criminals.

Have you taken the proper precautions to safeguarding your property, home and business? Criminals are opportunists, and the easiest opportunities for theft occur during the festive season.

Many expensive gifts such as jewellery, mobile phones, and gaming devices are bought during this short one-month time frame. And if you own a retail business, we remind you to think of all the stock you have on hand to meet Christmas demand. Christmas means that homes and businesses are bursting with precious items. If you don’t take the proper steps, your property could fall victim to theft.

Another reason criminals choose the holiday season is due to properties being left unattended more frequently and for extended periods of time. The numerous events and trips to visit family and friends mean that you’re leaving your house full of valuables unguarded. This is all the invitation a thief needs to break and enter!

Statistics from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics reveal just how much property offences spike during this season. It should be noted that property offences include: break and enters, stealing from houses, shoplifting, mugging and fraud, motor vehicle theft, and stealing from cars. The state’s daily average for property offences is 629 but on Christmas Eve the average increases to 763. New Year’s Eve has the worst rate with the average offences being 791. Reportedly, the hours between 12am-3am on New Year’s Day are the absolute peak for property offences –  and why wouldn’t they be? Everyone is out celebrating the New Year with houses full of the Christmas presents they’ve just received.

At CAP Security Services we want to make sure everyone, along with their business and properties are safe and secure. Below we’ve listed out our best tips and hints for safeguarding your home and business from thieves over the holidays.  

Home Safeguarding

1. Lock your Doors and Windows

This may seem like an obvious one but unlocked entrances are how most thieves gain access to the home. Triple-check those doors and windows every time you go out.

2. Deadlocks

Even if you do lock your door, thieves are tricky and can often pick a simple lock. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a deadlock which is harder to pick. The longer it takes to enter your house the more likely they’ll move on to an easier target.

3. A Noisy Dog

A pet isn’t something you should buy just for security, but if you already have a dog that alerts you when strangers are nearby, your home is more secure! A dog with a loud bark will deter most criminals.

4. Make it Look Like You’re At Home

Most thieves won’t enter a house they believe is occupied, but we know you have places to be! If you’re only gone for a couple hours, you can make the house look occupied by just leaving a light or two on. But if you’re planning on being away for a couple days try investing in a timer which will turn lights on and off for you during the hours you set.

5. Don’t Leave Valuables in Sight

If a burglar sees expensive items around, they’re likely to target your home. Put valuables away and close your curtains or shutters when your away.

Business Safeguarding

1. Locked Doors and Windows

Just like in your home, locks are the best deterrent against burglars. We recommend industry-standard deadbolts, as thieves don’t have to worry as much about making noise in an industrial lot or business park.

2. Alarm Systems

We also recommend investing in a security system, so you can lock multiple entrances around the property at the same time. An alarm system that notifies authorities of a break-in is a sure way to make a criminal exit your property quickly.

3. Safes

Cash is great to have on hand, but it’s also the easiest to steal. If you’re keeping your cash on the premises, make sure it’s locked away in a safe.

4. Surveillance

Businesses can still be stolen from even during opening hours, but if cameras are present thieves are less likely to attempt. If your cameras are hard to see, hang signs around the shop to let people know the premises is monitored.

5. Lighting

When the business is closed, lighting is key to dissuading criminals. Make sure to keep display windows lit, as thieves avoid well-lit areas. But make sure not to light up areas such as back-docks that are hard to see from the street – this will just draw attention to another entrance for the burglar.

In summary, the more deterrents you have, whether it be noise, light, or locks, the more likely your property will be safe from break-ins.

If you’re a business owner who wants to invest more into your security over the break-in season, why not contact us? We’re experts in static security and can make sure that your business will be safeguarded from all threats year-round.  

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