Licensed Crowd Control Officers

Similarly to Corporate Security, Crowd Controllers have undergone intense training in systems and procedures in order to stay apace with the ‘style’ of crowd controlling called for today. The scene of licensed premises such as clubs, pubs, concerts and festivals can be a volatile one and therefore personnel deployed to such areas need to be fully prepared through adequate and appropriate training provided by CAP.

Licensed Security Officers

Static guarding and patrols are still integral roles within the industry at all levels. Whether a site shut down, construction site, shopping centre or car park. CAP Security maintains a vigilant ongoing training system to ensure the latest in legislation, public liability and Workplace Health and Safety is relayed to all staff in a timely and effective manner.

Gate Keepers (Access Monitoring)

Access Monitoring and Control is another important facet of any security system. Preventing trouble from entering a site can have a huge impact on the outcome of an event. All Gate Keepers within CAP are highly trained in public relations and negotiations.

Security Consulting

Each prospective job starts with a consulting process to ensure a complete and thorough assessment of all your security requirements. This initial Risk Assessment is the most important component towards a tightly integrated security net. CAP senior management are highly skilled and experienced in Risk Assessment processes. Our hands-on and personalised approach will reassure our clients that we, at CAP, have their best interests at the forefront of our minds.

Workplace Health and Safety Consulting

CAP has within its ranks a team of fully qualified Workplace Health and Safety Officers who are able to consult with clients on their individual needs and requirements to comply not only with government legislation but also with the requirements of their insurance underwriters. This team of qualified staff are able to draft Safety and Emergency Plans and Procedures to suit the client’s individual event or venue.

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring

CCTV is one of the most prolifically used pieces of security equipment in the industry today. The coverage CCTV systems provide, as well as recording capabilities means the CCTV is, indeed, an integral member of the security ‘arsenal’. All CAP Operators have been trained in the effective and efficient usage of all CCTV Systems.

Corporate Security

Corporate Security has, over recent years, become a specialist role within the industry. The role calls for personnel with very high levels of PR and Customer Care Skills. CAP facilitates specialist training for personnel that are hand picked to perform these roles.

Licensed Armed Guards

Cash / Valuables Escorts and Treasury Duties are highly in demand in today’s high-risk and volatile climate. CAP retains a specialist group of highly trained, professional and licensed personnel for these areas.

Licensed Traffic Controllers

CAP boasts a large contingency of Traffic Controllers within its ranks due to the rise of need to be versatile and flexible within the industry. The development of our Traffic Control Division marks yet another ongoing improvement to our company. All Traffic Controllers provided by CAP are up to date with all relevant legislation, laws and bylaws regarding traffic controlling.

Licensed guard and guard dog teams

Licensed horseback security guards

Body Guarding (Close Personal Protection)

Once again, only specially trained personnel are deployed to such jobs as Close Personnel Protection tasks. Depending on the risk level, armed body guards are also provided by CAP.