Corporate Event Security has recently become a specialist role within the industry, requiring personnel who hold high level PR and customer care skills. CAP Security Services facilitate a rigorous training program in corporate event security to ensure that all personnel selected to perform these duties are adequately equipped to handle any situation.


Our CAP Security Services Crowd Controllers undergo ongoing intensive training on all necessary systems and procedures in order to stay up to date with industry standards.

The scene of licensed premises such as clubs, pubs, concerts and festivals can be quite volatile and therefore personnel operating in such environments need to be adequately prepared for any situation that may occur. CAP Security Services ensure that all Crowd Control Officers are exposed to the highest level of training to prepare them for any circumstance.


Each prospective job starts with the consulting process, whereby a complete assessment of your event security requirements is undertaken. This initial Risk Assessment is one of the most crucial components of the process as it strongly contributes to the development of a tightly integrated security net.

Our senior management team are highly skilled and experienced in the Risk Assessment process and through our hands-on, personalised approach are able to reassure our clients that their best interests are kept at the forefront of all developments.


Within CAP Security Services, we have a team of fully qualified Workplace Health and Safety Officers. These staff members consult with clients about their individual wants and needs in compliance with not only with government legislation but also with the requirements of their insurance underwriters. Based on this, our team of qualified and experienced staff are able to draft Safety and Emergency Plans and Procedures to suit the client’s individual event or venue.