Case Studies: Static Security

February 23, 2015

CAP Security Services provides static security services to Swanbank Power Station, Callide Power Station and Sun Metals Zinc Refinery.

Power StationsCAP Security - Static Security Power Station

The Swanbank Power Station is located in Swanbank, within Queensland’s South-East and comprises of the highly efficient 385 megawatts (516,000 hp) gas-fired Swanbank E Power Station. Swanbank E was commissioned in 2003 with a single 385 megawatts (516,000 hp) combined cycle gas turbine – which was the largest of its type at the time of its commissioning.

The Callide Power Station is situated 18kms east of Biloela in Central Queensland and comprises of Callide A, Callide B and Callide Power Plant (C). The station uses coal-fired power generation to supply baseload electricity to Australia’s national grid. Callide A was originally constructed in 1965, yet was recommissioned in April 1998 and is now the site of the Callide Oxyfuel Project – A world leading low emissions coal demonstration project.

Callide B was commissioned in 1988 and continues to supply reliable electricity to Australia’s national market today. The 810-megawatt Callide Power Plant was commissioned in 2001, doubling the generating capacity of the Callide site. Together Callide A, B and C can generate up to 1,630 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power an estimated 2 million homes.

CAP Security Services provides both stations with 24/7 on-site static security support, with 2 security personnel present on-site during the day and 1 overnight.

As part of this, we carry out regular vehicle patrols of the power station, which includes taking water readings from the lagoons, ash dam and pump house. All site facilities are monitored, including picnic grounds, the train station and bullrings. The site cameras are also examined by our security personnel to ensure no damage and/or untoward activities occur in these areas.

As well as this, CAP Security Services manage the building lock ups, on site inductions, administrative duties, site access and daily logging of all patrols and occurrences on site. As our security personnel are the first response to any incidents on site, we handle all situations in which First Aid is required.

Mining RefineryCAP Security - Static Security Power Station

The Sun Metals Zinc Refinery is located 15km south of Townsville, in North Queensland. The refinery was built in 1996 by Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd, the Australian subsidiary of the Korea Zinc Company Limited. The refinery produces a Special High Grade of Zinc metals which meets stringent quality standards required under its registration at the London Metal Exchange.

CAP Security Services provide 24/7 relief Gate House staff for Sun Metals Zinc Refinery. Our role requires us to provide static security support personnel for staff annual leave, sick leave, shutdown work, as well as to provide any additional staff as required, to meet the level of demand. Relief staff are all highly trained to ensure compliance with safety requirements and with performing the role of first aid responders.

Over CAP Security Services’ tenures with The Swanbank Power Station, Callide Power Station and Sun Metals Zinc Refinery, there has been no challenge too big for our experienced security personnel. They have continued to deliver effective security support to meet the ever-changing needs of the client, whilst ensuring professionalism is upheld at all times.

If you have a site that requires 24/7 security, CAP Security Services has the resources and capabilities needed for the job. Contact us today!