Technology: Making Static Security Anything but Static

July 30, 2018

Technology has become a driving change in almost every industry, this too includes the security sector.  Technology and security developments are a constant balancing act with regular advances that require adaptation in order to stay ahead of the game. These advancements in technology create a greater ability to protect, while at the same time they also create a greater need to protect. Since 1993, CAP Security Services has grown to become one of Queensland’s leading security providers. The foundation of the CAP Security Services team has remained constant over this period of change, with our team still being the backbone of our business. If anything, the technology advancements have only strengthened our abilities with our extensively trained guards taking advantage of the capabilities that technology has provided to better their service. With the advancements in technology, CAP Security Services has well-established systems and processes in place and an innovative and adaptive approach to each job, based on the client’s requirements.

Many people assume security to be a fairly basic aspect of a business. However, this is not the case with the security industry progressing far beyond turning an office alarm on at the end of the working day or employing a night watchman. Security is now one of the most crucial aspects of any business with an increasing need to protect not only assets but, people and reputation. The one-size-fits-all business model cannot be used by any security firm. CAP Security Services caters to a range of businesses and in doing so, must tailor security plans to meet the needs of each individual client. Despite the name, static security has changed greatly over the years. It is a key part of most security plans and an area that technology has impacted significantly. Not only is there the process of installing new technologies, there is also the need for training and understanding among the staff who use them. Here are just some of the advancements in security…

Gatekeeping and Access Monitoring

A key static security service that CAP Security Services provides is gatekeeping and access monitoring. While the fundamentals of the role have remained consistent, technology has diversified the job. Gone are the days of a paper trail documenting information, and instead gatekeeping services rely on advanced computer systems and smart devices. These systems allow gatekeepers to work more efficiently and streamline many of the processes allowing our personnel to focus on the task at hand. Gatekeepers are also implementing wireless technologies which have allowed a better response time when dealing with conflict.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitoring is the ‘partner in crime’ (pardon the pun) for most gatekeeping systems. With technology changing so rapidly, CCTV monitoring has undergone major changes within the security industry. Originally, CCTV was a way to monitor live video and later evolved to be used for recording. As technology moved beyond the use of VCRs and tapes, CCTV footage became digitised and stored on computers. Today, CCTV can be monitored remotely and stored wirelessly. What was once considered an ‘accessory’ for a business, is now one of the most demanded pieces of technology in the security sector. However, the technology is only one part of the equation. CAP Security Services operators are highly trained in effective and efficient use of all CCTV systems to ensure they are utilised to their highest potential.


Security Guards

Even with the most advanced technology, there is only so much technology can do to protect and that’s why security guards are still the most valuable asset for a firm. The role of a security guard has remained anything but static. While technology has not changed what they do, it has changed how they do it and how efficient they are in their actions. Security guards are now expected to be more tech-savvy and navigate high tech security tools and our team at CAP Security Services works hard to stay ahead of the game. They are armed with mobile devices and wireless computer systems to improve their efficiency in response and issue prevention while still maintaining their ability to hold a high level of public relations, customer care skills and conflict resolution initiatives.

So there you have it – an overview on how technology has changed the role of static security in the industry. It’s clear that technology is driving performance and enabling security professionals to do their jobs better and more efficiently. Static Security far exceeds the duties of someone who monitors from behind a desk. With a whole range of customisable services for ever-changing demands, our guards can fit seamlessly into your business plan and offer valuable protection from a range of threats.

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