Top 5 Considerations When Hiring Security For Your Event

June 1, 2018

Event planning this time of year can get a little overwhelming. Whether you’re organising an event for your business or a special occasion – the food, wine, guestlist, venue and entertainment all need to be coordinated. Something often overlooked during event planning is security. If there is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about at an event, it’s the safety of your guests. At CAP Security Services we’re specialists in providing tailored security plans for events of all shapes and sizes. We don’t adhere to a “one size fits all” approach and will provide an expert level of detail to ensure you can relax and enjoy yourself at the event you worked so hard organising. A security plan is not only a great measure to take for the event itself, but it also adds an extra level of comfort for guests, knowing their safety is in good hands. When planning your next event, we encourage you to consider the following aspects.

1. What is the agenda of the event?

As you start putting together your event run sheet, this is the perfect time to think about event security. You will start looking over the event proceedings with a fine tooth comb and flags could start appearing which indicate that event security should seriously be considered. Firstly, look at the date of the event and the time of day it is. This could indicate how “festive” guests might get. For example, comparing a Monday or Tuesday event with an event that lies on a Friday or Saturday. Have a think about the food to alcohol ratio as well as considering how much alcohol will be served. A good indicator is to look at how the alcohol will be served, is it a cash bar, a bar tab or have the attendees prepaid a drinks package? This is a key indicator as to whether you need to book event security.

2. Who is attending?

As the guest list is being assembled ask yourself what demographics are attending and do these people know each other? What is the age of the guests, is there variance in age and ultimately what is bringing these people together? For example, if it is a work event, there are higher stakes on the line if there were to be conflict amongst colleagues. If the event is open to the public, this is a great indicator that security is required. Finally, consider if there could potentially be any unwanted or uninvited guests. While you may be in the mindset to only think about the people you invited, it’s always worth considering the potential for an invite to get into the wrong hands.

3. How many people are attending?

This one is pretty simple. The more people in attendance, the more opportunity there is for things to go awry so keep a close eye on RSVPs.

4. Where is the event being held?

If you are holding the event at a venue, always make sure you have that conversation with the manager in the planning process. For some venues it’s mandatory for an event to have security, others may be dependent on the circumstances, while some venues have their own security. Regardless, this conversation should be one of the key points discussed. If you are holding it in your company offices, school or private residence think about who you are opening the environment up to and whether it’s worth protecting or not.

5. Determine risk factors

Finally, think about what assets are at the event and their worth to you, whether it be monetary or sentimental value. Are there cash donations being made that would need extra security or is there expensive audio-visual equipment that is in the event area? If you are holding your event at home are there certain items you’re worried about being damaged or stolen. Remember to not just consider guests in attendance but also potential uninvited guests.

If after reading this you still are unsure whether event security is required or not, please contact CAP Security Services on (07) 3275 7777 to chat through your event. We understand the huge amount of effort that goes into organising a fantastic celebration but don’t neglect the need for professional security assistance.

CAP Security Services have had the opportunity to provide security services across a range of events, functions and private gatherings, from huge stadium sporting and music events, to small exclusive functions. As a result of many years experience, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of how best to determine the specific security solutions that an event will require, and have seen first-hand how an event, and it’s organisers, can benefit from employing private security personnel.

CAP Security Services security personnel will take care of all security-related issues and leave the hosting and entertaining up to you. Contact us today to see how we can help you devise a security solution for your upcoming event.


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