Top Tips for Staying Safe at the Races

December 3, 2018

CAP Security Services is proud to partner with Brisbane Racing Club. This is our first season with the club, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed delivering safe and fun events at Doomben Racecourse, the current home of all Brisbane race days this season.

Brisbane Racing Club resulted from a merger between the Queensland Turf Club and Brisbane Turf Club in 2009 and has been running races and events at Doomben and Eagle Farm Racecourse since. With the combined knowledge of both organisations, the team at Brisbane Racing Club are experts at throwing fantastic race days and uphold the highest of standards to deliver not just premium racing, but a range of other events and services.  

Brisbane Racing Club runs two racecourses. Eagle Farm was established in 1865 and has been witness to many of the great jockeys and horses of our time. Unfortunately, this historic track is closed for refurbishments this racing season, but not to worry, Doomben Racecourse is here to deliver the heart-racing action and lively social scene in the meantime.

Brisbane Racing Club has hosted a multitude of racing events this season with the highlight undoubtedly being the Canadian Club Melbourne Cup Day on November 6. Before you grab those fascinators and head to the track next time, our team has a few tips to ensure you and your friends have a fun and safe day. Every year, there are punters who get a little too rowdy by the trackside. Embarrassing ‘tipsy’ photos are splashed across the papers and widespread injuries and arrests are reported. To avoid this happening to you, read our best tips for staying safe below.

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The first thing to do when you enter the grounds is to orient yourself. If you are lucky enough to have a marquee, mind map its relative location to the rest of the grounds. Look out for landmarks so that you can find it at any point during the day. If you do not have a marquee, pick a meeting point for you and your group, so if the group becomes separated, you know where to go. It’s also a good idea to know the directions to the closest exit or security point in case of an emergency.  

  1. TEAM UP

Even if you are confident in your orientation skills, it’s a good idea to never venture out alone and buddy up with someone, especially if you are consuming alcohol. There is always safety in numbers. Getting lost or being approached by strangers is a lot less intimidating if you have your buddy for backup. If you do catch yourself alone or lost, you can always approach one of our CAP Security Services staff members for assistance.


Unlike other sports where spectators watch other humans compete, horse racing involves animals which require special care. At the racecourse, you should never be up close to the horses without strict approval and/or special involvement with their care team. If you do find yourself near a horse, do not pat or walk behind it, as they are large animals and have the potential of biting or kicking when provoked. Never approach a horse head on or wave your hands in their face either. Sudden movements from an unfamiliar person could make the horse spook, which may cause injury to the jockey, horse or other patrons.


Racedays are festive events where you can have a few drinks with friends as you cheer on your favourite horses. But to stay safe, stay self-aware.

Keep count and in control of your drinks. Every year, patrons are escorted out of the races for having too much to drink and causing a scene. Don’t let this be you. Stay within your limits so you can have a fun and memorable day. Staying hydrated with water is also key.

Stay aware of yourself around other race-goers, as well. There are big crowds on race days, so you will need to consider the actions of other patrons. Treat others with respect and allow them their personal space.  

Finally, the sun is merciless here in Queensland, so slather up with sunscreen before you leave and keep reapplying throughout the day. If you are out in the sun, take frequent breaks in shaded areas. 


If you do see a fight or altercation brewing between other punters – do not get involved. This could make the situation worse. Instead, alert your closest authority, such as a CAP Security Services team member, and they will handle the situation.

That’s all from us here at CAP Security Services. We hope you take these tips with you to the races and have fun at the festivities!  

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