The Vital Role of Teamwork in Security

August 27, 2018

Teamwork plays an important role in any successful organisation, but to security companies it’s an essential aspect of every job we do. Teams need to work smart and work well, but most of all, they need to work together. Creating an environment that fosters teamwork is the foundation for producing a great security team. It’s paramount in the security industry, with security teams having to work collaboratively with each other, as well as their supervisors and clients. With over 25 years experience in the industry, CAP Security Services prides itself on creating strong teams and a supportive work environment.

Regardless of whether it’s a Taylor Swift concert, a State of Origin match at Suncorp Stadium or static security at a place of work, our first priority is the safety of patrons and workers, as well as the venues and businesses. Behind all the energy of large crowds and the contagious atmosphere of excited attendees, is a team of security guards making sure that everyone stays safe and enjoys the event. Our business philosophy is shaped around creating a strong team environment and delivering the best results for our wide range of clients. Here’s some insight into how the CAP Security Services team operates to maximise teamwork and deliver results!

Fostering Teamwork

With such a diverse portfolio of events and static work, our security officers have the opportunity to experience many different security settings and learn from one another in a collaborative environment. We always make sure to appropriately staff our venues, and our staff work together as a team. Both elements are imperative to the important task of keeping everyone safe!

When catering to our larger venues, guards can often be stationed further apart. All areas need to be covered, and security staff stay in constant communication, a task which has been made easier with technology through the use of headsets and other devices to ensure everyone is in the loop throughout the event.

Having strong teamwork amongst security staff can assist in many ways. In particular, building a culture of trust among our employees means they are more likely to assist one another to achieve the common goal. It also enables better communication among the team. While all our security guards are skilled and well-trained, our team dynamic works to enhance their skills and development. The nature of the job means that security officers can be faced with difficult problems and having our staff work cohesively can help resolve any issue that may occur. To foster this, we hold fortnightly team training to ensure everyone is progressing their skills, staying up to date, and contributing to a positive team culture.  



Strong Leaders

Supervisors are a vital resource for our security teams and make all the difference in keeping teams efficient and on-task. CAP Security Services utilise supervisors with high-level communication skills, responsiveness and aptitude for dealing with difficult situations. Supervisors ensure necessary venue coverage and monitor officers at their allocated areas.

For security team members, supervisors are an important tool in a high-alert situation as they are the first point of contact for the coordination of resources and response to an emergency, should one occur.

Client Relations

Having strong teamwork doesn’t just refer to our in-house employees. Establishing a solid foundation of teamwork with our clients is just as important! At CAP Security Services, we cater to a range of clients and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and scalability. We strive to establish strong communication with all our clients to ensure the best results! We are all working towards the same goal of safety, so it’s important that both the team and the client are on the same page from the start.

When assigning our security team to an event, we always brief them on the client’s expectations and requirements. Our officers are highly trained and selected based on their skills. Furthermore, we are transparent with our clients, making sure they understand what services our team can offer and how we operate to maximise efficiency. In any case, safety is the number one priority for both parties.

Our years of experience have made us experts in the security industry with a sound understanding of creating strong teams. We service a wide range of events and can tailor a security plan for your specific business needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you create a security solution that surpasses your expectations.


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