World Cup Cricket 2015

March 18, 2015


CAP Security Services are proud to have been the main supplier of tier one security services for the recent International Cricket World Cup tournament held in Brisbane during February, 2015.

Prior to the commencement of the event, the team was briefed on all requirements and deliverables for the tournament, as well as the expectations that needed to be met through our service. This contract involved CAP Security Services personnel providing around the clock security services to all the accommodation, training and match venues for the duration of the event, whilst based in Brisbane. In addition to the ongoing monitoring and security, other services that were delivered by our dedicated team for the tournament included asset protection, V.I.P security, vehicle searches, patron screening and field-of-play operations.

During the tournament there were various challenges faced by the CAP Security Services team. One of which being the abandonment of the first game due to wet weather. This, however, did not affect the key deliverables of the event nor the responsibilities of our CAP Security Services personnel, as a strong working relationship was present between all key stakeholders.

Following the event, we received the below feedback from the Cricket World Cup, commending our professionalism and aptitude for dealing with all issues that arose.

“I just wanted to formally acknowledge your assistance in providing the Brisbane Security response to Cricket World Cup 2015. Dealing with multiple staffing issues is always a challenge, but Security has an added implication that personnel need to understand their expectations and be briefed in accordance with the requirements of all the stakeholders.

The Security Company provided staffing resources in the accommodation, training venues and the game venue around the clock and you were the principal managers of the Tier 1 Security response.

It has been my pleasure to work with such a professional team as yourselves and I compliment you both on your ability to manage the number of challenges that have confronted us all.

Congratulations and thanks to you both and all the very best for the future.”

We are extremely happy with the outcome of the event and thank all of our committed event and security personnel for their hard work and long hours over the duration of the tournament. You all played an important role in ensuring the event and tournament as a whole was an overall success.